Armies: Top 5 Strongest Armies in the World 2020


Armies consider an important part of a country and its security. Every year, a large fortune allocate out of the budget for fighting battles. Countries take special initiatives to strengthen themselves militarily. If we try to compare the armies of the different nations to gauge the countries with the strongest armies. Further, it would probably not be possible to do so hypothetically.

However, without leading to a bloodbath. We can have a fair idea about the military strengths of countries. By taking into account the arsenal in their possession. It advanced technologies implemented, training, power, and a number of allies, size of the army, the budget allocated, etc. Although peace is what the world is trying to promote in the modern era. Each country still has its own military forces to back up the country. The mission of a military is to support the nation and bring peace to the nationwide citizens.

The United State of America:

The Army remains the largest branch of the U.S. military. In 2015, 36% of all active-duty military personnel served in the Army. The Navy and Air Force were comparable in size, each accounting for roughly a quarter of active-duty personnel. The Marine Corps made up 14% of the active-duty military, while the Coast Guard made up 3%.

The Army, Navy, and Air Force substantially smaller in numbers today compares with their size in 1990. The size of the Marine Corps’ active-duty force has also decreased, but not to the extent of these other branches. By comparison, the number of active-duty members of the Coast Guard has ticked up. There were 1,340,533 active-duty troops in 2015 (including those serving in the U.S. Coast Guard). This marks the smallest active-duty force since 2001. According to a new Pew Research Center analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

In addition, the share of Americans serving in the active-duty military has declined. It marginally to 0.4% of the population in 2015 (down from 0.5% in 2009). Just over 1 million soldiers are serving in the Army. About half of that number is on active duty and serving full time. While the rest make up the reserve components of the National Guard and Army Reserve. To put it in perspective, a city fills with soldiers would have more people in it than San Jose, California; Austin, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; and San Francisco.


The world’s largest country, Russia, is also the second most powerful militaries in the world than other armies. Its scale in many criteria is hard to imagine and measure. Dominating both Europe and Asia continents, it has a whole population of 145 million. The annual GDP growth of Russia projects at 1-3% every year. And last year, it generated a total GDP of 1.7 trillion dollars. The GDP per population measures at $28,797.

However, it has spent about 61.4 billion dollars on its military spending budget. To become one of the most powerful countries in the world. In the power index ranking, it is also the 2nd rank with a score of 0.0681. That followed by China and India.



As one of the oldest and most powerful civilizations in the world. China manages to come to rank 3rd in a relatively short period of time than other armies. 70 years from its independence, China has become the most populous and the second biggest territory in the world. It has a population of 1.4 billion. And it is able to generate a total annual GDP of more than $13 trillion. With such a huge population and landmass, China has also spent a lot of budget on its military power.

In 2019, it has spent about $195 billion to sponsor the military base. However, which is also the 2nd most spending budget in the world. In the power index criteria, it has scored 0.0691 in the rank 3rd of the world. The Pentagon has just released the 2020 China Military Power Report. One of the leading sources of reliable information on China’s military. This year’s version marks the 20th anniversary of the report. And provides a unique perspective. On how China’s military has changed over the first two decades of the 21st century.



The 4th rank of the top ten most powerful militaries goes to Germany than other armies. Hence, which is known as the most populous country in the European Union. It also has one of the most powerful economies in the world. With a population of 82.9 million people, it generates a total GDP of more than 4 trillion dollars each year. The GDP per population estimates at $52,386.

Among this number, it has spent about $49 billion each year on military power. However, since the reunification in the last century. However, it has seen that political stability in Germany is increasing every day. Thus, the power strength of Germany is measured at 0.2186.

During World War II, the German military helped fulfill Nazism’s racial, political, and territorial ambitions. Long after the war, a myth persisted claiming the German military (or Wehrmacht) was not involved in the Holocaust. And other crimes associated with the Nazi genocidal policy. This belief is untrue. The German military participated in many aspects of the Holocaust. Hence, in supporting Hitler, in the use of forced labor. And in the mass murder of Jews and other groups targeted by the Nazis.

The military’s complicity extended not only to the generals and upper leadership but also to the rank and file. In addition, the war and genocidal policy inextricably linked. The German army (or Heer) was the most complicit. As a result of being on the ground in Germany’s eastern campaigns, but all branches participated.

The United Kingdom:


The United Kingdom was once well known for its immense size under the name of the British Empire. For hundreds of years, it has its colonized territories all over the world. Until today, its military rank is still on the top fifth rank of the top ten best list. The United Kingdom has a total population of 66.5 million people. And the population is focused on the age below 55.

It measures its annual GDP to be more than 2.5 trillion dollars, with the GDP per population of $45,741. The United Kingdom has spent. Approximately $50 billion annually to support its military power, including strengthening the base and firepower. In addition, it has the power index in the rank 8th, with the score of 0.1717. In the 19th century, the armed forces were going a long way away from Britain. Because of this, the family of the soldiers often went with them to fight. They were not out there on the battlefield. But the wives often worked as nurses and cooked food for the soldiers. 

In the Napoleonic Wars, 1661, the army created. It remained a volunteer force. Until 1916 when they needed more soldiers for World War I. This was then done again for World War II were the individuals. Who were over 18 were conscripted for the war. They then required all men to serve for at least 18 months, but this ended in 1963. The British forces probably hope they don’t ever have to conscript ever again.

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