Barbarossa: Hayreddin Barbarossa


Born on Lesbos island as the third of the hayreddin barbarossa brothers. Hayreddin Barbarossa made a reputation for himself. As an Ottoman admiral who commanded a strong naval fleet.

hayreddin barbarossa’s Early Life:

Hayreddin Barbarossa was born “Khizr” sometime between the late 1470s or early 1480s within the Palaiokipos village of Lesbos under Ottoman control. His father Yakup was a transformed Muslim sipahi (contracted soldier) possibly of Albanian origin. Thus, who took part in the conquest of Lesbos by the Ottoman navy. While his mother was a Greek woman of Lesbos. The Khizr the third of their four sons, named Ishak, Oruç, Khizr, and Ilyas. All of whom would grow popular corsairs. One should also note that the seafarers of Turkey, mostly living within the Black Sea region. Hence, have always liked to offer Khizr and his brothers’ names to their sons.

Yakup was a potter, who wont to operate a ship to sell his goods around the island. And beyond, which helped his sons to find out sailing as a part of their family business. All four Barbarossa brothers, “Barbarossa” being an alias for Khizr and Oruç due to their orange-colored beards. He sailed for years as sea traders before they turned corsairs within the Mediterranean to manage counterattacks against the privateering Knights Hospitaliers supported Rhodes. The four brothers shared the business and worked in different parts of the Mediterranean.

hayreddin barbarossa’s Abilities:

Hayreddin Barbarossa was clever, and bright as a teenager though he had a bent to mock his contemporaries. When he was a young man, he noted for his impressive way of speaking, and he was brave but judicious, and a strong-willed person. He was born with fighting ability and he had a bold manner. As an adult, he was a successful Mediterranean commander due to his cleverness and speed of comprehension. He took care to teach his subordinates, several of whom became admirals. He treated his co-workers respectfully, politely, and thus loved by them. privately affairs, he was cheerful, elegant, and a teller of jokes.

Once, Hayreddin Barbarossa the Pasha publicly applauded his junior Turgut; “Turgut is more advanced than I”. With this, he showed his humility and nobility. Physically, he dark-skinned, of a mean height, and had a huge bone and bodily structure. His hair, beard, eyebrows, and eyelashes were sufficient(some reports say he was red-haired), and his eyebrows touched one another. Turgut Reis’ daughter married his son. Consistent with this information, we may assume that he was married. But there’s no source indicating the factual details. He spoke all the most Mediterranean languages. Like Greek, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, and French. And he loved music.

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