What are the best foods Pakistan has to offer?

Pakistan is a diverse country with different ethnic groups. Each group has its own food and culture. Some foods(cuisine) are the most famous.

1-King of foods Biryani

Biryani holds a high Rank in Pakistani(cuisine) foods. The chicken or mutton with rice and spices are in it. And use garam masala powder or chat masala or just extra green chilies. However, marvelous spices similar to black cumin and saffron are the ingredients used for it, that increase the fragrance and taste of biryani. Although, if you have just a few basic spices, like cumin, turmeric, pepper, and cinnamon, etc. The average cost per plate is between 100–250 depending upon the quality of foods.


2-The Queen of Foods Karahi

Karahi curry accordingly cooks in a steep type pot. The word karahi comes from the Hindi Language for the pot. People are also calling as a Kadai, korai, or kadhi. And used for shallow or deep frying or to slow cook curries all around in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Karahi curry can cook with chicken or mutton cooked in a bowl with spices and tomatoes. The average cost per bowl is accordingly 500–2500 depending upon the meat. Believe me’ if you try this, You will gonna love this. Biryani and karahi also consider national party foods.


3-Conqueror of foods Bun Kabab

Bun Kabab accordingly cooks with lentils and beef with some sauces. The average cost is between 40–150 depending upon the quality.



Nihari is a beef stew generally cook overnight in a large bowl. It serves with hot Naans(bread). The average price range is between 150–400 depending upon the types. One of the famous festival foods.


5-Chapli Kabab

Chapli kabab generally cooks by mutton or minced meat with tons of spices. At least it serves with a large Naan. And also a green tea which helps to digest this. Chapli Kabab considered in desi fast foods.



Palau regularly made from beef which is boiled rice mixed with spices. The average price per plate is 150–250. Biryani and pulao are known as national foods of the region.


7-Puri Choley

Puri and chooley(chickpeas) is a very famous food in Pakistan. Holds top position in the list of breakfast foods. The price is 25–30 per puri.



Kebab is a traditional Pakistani dish particularly made from beef with BBQ style cooked spices. Prices conversely change from place to place.

9-Chicken tikka

Chicken Tikka is a very popular dish in Pakistan which generally cooks in BBQ style and is served with chapati (roti) or paratha. The price range is 100-600.



Chooley or Chickpeas generally cooks in a large bowl with spices and served with Bun (Bread). The price range is between 30–60.


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