James Verone: Why James Verone is the most interesting criminal?

The man who is in the picture Is criminal James Verone, who is the most intelligent in the history.

James Verone

You may already know about this criminal because this incident happened way back in 2011.

James Verone left his home in Gastonia, North Carolina, on the 9th of June 2011 and did something that I consider a genius. James Verone delivered Coke products in North Carolina for 17 years before I lay him off in 2008. After that! He could get work as a truck driver but He lost his job, too.

When James Verone was unable to find other employment that wasn’t punishing on his 59-year-old body, things went from bad to worse. His health began deteriorating rapidly, and he found a “protrusion” coming out of his chest. That’s when he’d had enough.

He went to a nearby bank and handed the clerk a note that said,

“This is a bank robbery. Please give me one dollar.”

James Verone handed this note and sat by waiting for the police.

Before this, he sent a letter to a local paper. The Gaston Gazette, announcing that he would attempt a robbery quickly. Then that he was a man of sound mind, but not a sound body. He would then invite The Gaston Gazette to interview him at the Gaston County Jail. Where he was behind bars for stealing from a person.

As $1 was too little for the prosecutors to press a robbery charge. Turns out, James Verone was a delivery man at Coca-Cola. when he lost the job he had held for around 2 decades. He lost the health insurance. And came along with it. He was suffering from a growth on his chest, arthritic joints, and a gammy foot. He decided that the only way he was going to make life better was through state healthcare.

Probably not the most intelligent criminal in history, but James Verone is truly a man of sound mind.

Since being in jail James Verone has attained his goal: he has been seen by nurses and an appointment with a doctor is booked. Although James Verone was hoping to serve three years for bank robbery, he’s been charged with larceny, which holds a shorter sentence.

So what’s health care like for criminal in North Carolina? , inmates pay a small co-payment— either $5 or $7 — for “initiated visits” and “declared emergency visits.”“However, no one will be denied access to health care whether they have money or not,” the handbook reads.

“You will not be charged for visits about life or limb threatening emergencies, referrals to clinics, defined chronic disease such as TB, HIV, high blood pressure, diabetes, vaccinations, and periodic health assessments.”

Now…This is dumb..BUT You mean the teller thought to call the police instead of checking their wallet to see if they had a dollar???


A North Carolina man urgent for health care coverage looted a bank of $1 so he could get secured for clinical reasons.

59-year old James Verone is down on his karma. He has a development or some likeness thereof on his chest, a harmed foot, two burst plates, carpal passage condition and joint pain. Without a work or medical coverage the main thought he could think of was to loot RBC Bank in Gaston, NC planning to get a long term sentence so his diseases could get treated.

Verone entered the bank unarmed on Thursday (June 9) and gave a teller a note with his interest.

“The note said ‘this is a bank theft, if you don’t mind just give me one dollar,'” Verone clarified while sitting in Gaston County prison accused of crime burglary. “This is the first occasion when I’ve ever been in a tough situation with the law. I’m kind of a coherent individual and that was my rationale. (That was) what I concocted.”

Prior to going out by taxi to submit the theft, Verone sent a letter to the Gaston Gazette posting the province prison as the bring address back.

“At the point when you get this a bank theft will have been submitted by me. This theft is being dedicated by me for one dollar,” he composed. “I am of sound psyche however less solid body.”

Verone is as of now in prison on $2000 bond.

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